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Velvet Scrunchies for Hair (6 Scrunchie Pack), Cute Scrunchies for Girls, Velvet Hair Scrunchies for Thick and Thin Hair, VSCO Girls Scrunchies for Hair, Fuzzy Hair Scrunchies for Women

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You want some cute scrunchies for women that don't damage your hair. Or maybe you're looking for some good teenage girl gifts. A fuzzy scrunchie is hard to find! But, you can't go wrong with velvet scrunchies for hair. You want a velvet scrunchie that doesn't shed and keeps your hair up. It needs to be soft, thick, and stretchy. You need a scrunchie pack for girls that has soft, durable velvet scrunchies — scrunchies that have high elasticity, but that aren't too tight on your wrist. You need scrunchie packs that have a variety of colors so you can accessorize for any season or occasion. Your velvet scrunchies for girls need to be stitched well and made out of a soft fabric. Cheap velvet hair scrunchies that shed and break are just annoying. Pieces of velvet get all over your hair. And then, like clockwork, your scrunchie breaks right after lunch, leaving you with a mess of hair to deal with for the rest of the day. You're feeling like a ticking time bomb and can't believe you just wasted another ten bucks on some more cheap VSCO scrunchies. We get it. That's why we decided to make velvet hair scrunchies for girls that don't break and end up all over the house. We asked our VSCO girl daughters what they liked best about extra large scrunchies, sourced the best fabrics, the best elastic, and found the best manufacturer. As a result, we created a six-pack of scrunchies for hair that features fluffy scrunchies that work and last. These scrunchies for teen girls are perfect for gifts, hair accessories for girls, gifts for girls, and bachelorette party favors. Your scrunchie set will include six hair scrunchies for thick hair and thin hair. You'll get hot pink, pink, raspberry, blue, green, and yellow scrunchies. Stop wasting money on cheap hair ties and treat yourself to some quality velvet scrunchies that work. Get your soft scrunchy hair ties today!
  • Luxury Velvet Scrunchies - Our main goal is to challenge the sea of cheap hair scrunchies by offering girls luxury velvet scrunchies that are durable, super cute, and colorful! Quality manufacturing is at the center of every scrunchie pack we make. Our velvet scrunchies for hair are thick, comfortable on your wrist, have excellent elasticity, and are durable. Are you ready to put an end to cheap scrunchies like us? Then, get your scrunchies for teen girls today!
  • Cute Scrunchies For Girls - We want you to look attractive and feel good about your velvet scrunchies for girls. That's why we make velvet hair scrunchies for you that are extra scrunchy, vibrant, and cute! You'll be looking and feeling good no matter which color velvet scrunchie you decide to wear out.
  • A Variety of Beautiful Colors - Because scrunchies for hair need to be colorful and bright! Hair stuff for teen girls needs to mirror your personality! And our variety scrunchie packs deliver, no matter which color you're feeling. We take our time to find the perfect colored velvet fabrics for your VSCO scrunchies. Every fluffy scrunchies pack comes with six colors that we know you'll love.
  • Let's Get Down To Details - Every scrunchie set comes with a variety of six beautiful velvet scrunchies. Your pack of scrunchies will include vibrant pink, ripe raspberry, royal blue, emerald green, relaxed pink, and sunshine yellow scrunchies. These scrunchy hair ties have a diameter of roughly 3 1/2 inches on the outside and 1 1/2 inches on the inside. We stitch hair scrunchies for girls with care and use reinforced elastic for extra durability.
  • A Woman-Run American Company - Hair scrunchies for women should be made by women. And we do just that — our team of women research, source, and design fuzzy scrunchie. Our ladies are involved with everything from packaging down to the last thread on your VSCO girl scrunchies. Our hair accessories for girls are made with love by women who care about your happiness and satisfaction. Buy from a company based right here in the USA where you matter most