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Tongue Scraper for Adults, Stainless Steel Metal Tongue Scraper for Tongue Cleaning and Reducing Bad Breath, Tong Style Tongue Scraper for Oral Care with Case, Reusable (3 Pack)

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Our goal is to disrupt the oral hygiene industry with smart tongue scraper tools. We believe that the root of a healthy mouth is a healthful tongue. A tongue cleaner effectively cleans your tongue in seconds. Without a clean tongue, our mouths feel dirty — caked in nasty residue. Tongue scrapers for adults scrape that dirty-mouth insecurity right away. Our tounge scraper cleaner tools are manufactured with pure intention and with attention to every detail. A tongue scraper cleaner needs to be sleek, yet efficient. Tounge scrapers should be durable and easy-to-clean. We craft every tongue scrapper to royal standards of which ensure your tongue cleaner for adults is immaculate. And, unlike the competition, we listen to our customers. We find the pain points of a tounge cleaner and improve on them. As a result, you benefit from stainless steel tongue scrapers designed with a purpose. Every metal tongue scraper features a wider scraping head than most. These toung scrapers will remove the residue from your tongue in one, seamless move. Plus, each metal tongue scraper for adults features a hanging hole and smooth finished stainless steel. A tongue scraper stainless steel is strong and holds up to the test of time. It's an excellent option for a lifetime tongue scraper. Get yourself a tounge cleaner for women and men today. We're confident you will love your new stainless steel tongue scraper. You'll wonder how you ever lived without one. Our United States-based team is here for your satisfaction. We won't sell a toung scraper that we aren't proud to use ourselves. Tongue cleaning, whether with ayurvedic products or with an American-based tongue brush cleaner, is an incredibly beneficial routine. Try it out for yourself and let us know what you think. - basicConcepts
  • TONGUE SCRAPER FOR BAD BREATH: You've been plagued by bad breath since before you can remember without a stainless steel metal tongue scraper for adults. All you want is a cleaner tongue and to leave bad breath in the past. You need a tongue scraper cleaner from Basic Concepts with a convenient reusable case. Tongue scrapers are the ultimate discreet, quick, and easy-to-use tool for all of your tongue scraping needs. We combined all the best parts of effective metal tongue scrapers into one simple-to-use tool. You'll be proud to use your stainless steel tongue scrapers for years to come.
  • PRACTICE BETTER SELF CARE: A proper metal tongue scraper for adults is the best remedy for bad breath available. This is good self care for all adults - men and women. Clean your tongue in seconds with this high quality, stainless steel tongue scraper and cleaner. Your new tounge scraper won't just clean your mouth. These tongue scrapers will "steel" the spotlight from others. You'll want the best tongue scraper for adults stainless steel for maximum tongue scraping cleaning — so look no further!
  • ORAL CARE AT ITS FINEST: Rust-proof, 100% Stainless Steel - Using the best tongue scraper cleaner for scraping your tongue is so easy that it's crazy everyone isn't using a tongue scraper! Each tongue scraper features a curved line to fit your tongue shape. These tongue scrapers are long-lasting and durable. Plus, your tongue scrapers will be easy to clean and sanitize, won’t rust, and won’t break like others.
  • BETTER THAN PLASTIC: - These tounge scrapers for adults feature smooth stainless steel metal for ultimate strength, stonger and less breakable than plastic. Each extra-wide headed tongue cleaner for adults allows you to maximize your metal tongue scrapers' cleaning power. Unlike plastic tongue scraping tools, these stainless steel tongue scrapers will give you the cleanest tongue (and freshest breath) time and time again. Use your Basic Concepts tongue scrapers every day with swiftness and ease.
  • 24/7 USA CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Finding the right stainless steel tongue scraper from a reliable, trustworthy company is challenging. We offer a free replacement should anything happen to your new tongue scraper. Just send us a message, and one of our friendly, USA-based customer support members will send you a replacement tongue scraper at no cost, no questions asked. Great products, better service…we exist to serve you!