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Tongue Scrapers for Adults Variety Pack 2 Pcs Tongue Stainless Steel Cleaners for Adults Reduce Bad Breath Travel Cases Included

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  • 🚫 CURE BAD BREATH, ELIMINATE GERMS & BACTERIA - A good tongue scraper is the best remedy for bad breath available today. Clean your tongue in seconds with these high quality, stainless steel tongue scrapers. Your new tounge scrapers won't just clean your mouth. These tongue scrapers will scrape away anxiety, low-self esteem, and "steel" the spotlight from others. You'll want the best tongue scraper stainless steel for maximum tongue scraping cleaning - so look no further!
  • ✅ QUICK & EASY TO USE - Why waste money on a tongue scraper plastic tool that breaks? Get your tongue scraper stainless steel today and take that confidence a step further knowing your wide-head tounge scraper cleaner will last a lifetime. Don't get stuck with tongue scraper plastic that are weak and too small. What use is that? You deserve the best. That's why your new tongue scraper stainless steel should be firm with a full head to cover your entire tongue.
  • 🏆 ANTI-RUST, DURABLE & BEND-PROOF - Using a tounge scraper cleaner for scraping your tongue is so easy that it's crazy everyone isn't using a tounge scraper cleaner! Each tongue scraper features a curved line to fit your tounge. These tongue scrapers are long-lasting and durable. Plus, your tongue scrapers will be easy to clean and sanitize, won't rust, and won't break like others.
  • 👅 TONGUE SCRAPER CLEANER DETAILS - Each tongue scraper features smooth stainless steel metal for ultimate strength. The extra-wide stainless steel scraping head allows for the metal tongue scrapers to maximize scraping power. Unlike cheap tongue scraper plastic, these tongue scraper stainless steel will give you the freshest breath time and time again. Use your new tongue scraper every day with swiftness and ease.
  • 🇺🇸 OUR PROMISE TO YOU - Buy with "tongue scraping" confidence. If you decide your tongue scraper stainless steel aren't for you, return your tounge scraper cleaner for a full refund within the first 30 days. Message us at any time. You will always receive a quick, friendly response from one of our fantastic team members. We are ready to resolve any issue you experience with your tongue scraper.


90% of Bad breath comes from a dirty tongue! We've all found ourselves in a conversation with someone who had embarrassingly bad breath. Avoid being "that" person with our medical-grade, stainless steel tongue scrapers. With a simple tongue scraping routine, you can have a cleaner tongue & fresher breath in seconds!

🍃 5 Key Benefits of a Cleaner Tongue
Tongue scraping is an important, daily routine, both for adults and kids. Here are 5 key benefits from using a tongue scraper:

  1. Eliminate bad breath, harmful germs and bacteria that build up on your tongue, increasing your risk for certain diseases and illnesses.
  2. Enhance your taste buds & improve your sense of taste. That's right, your food is about to taste even better!
  3. Boost confidence. Let's face it, we've all been a little self-conscious of bad breath from time to time. Whether you're at the office or on a date, we can all benefit from fresher breath and a cleaner tongue.
  4. Improve health. Whether it's dental, digestive or other...less toxins and bacteria being ingested, means better health across the board.
  5. Physical Appearance. Sure, looks aren't everything...but who wouldn't rather have a fresh, clean tongue, free of nasty build up just waiting to be scraped away.

✅ 4 Ways We Beat the Competition
  1. Durable & rust-proof
  2. Perfect width to fit any size mouth
  3. More for your money
  4. Effective & safe

🇺🇸 A BRAND YOU CAN TRUST - Buy with confidence. If you decide our tongue scrapers aren't for you, you can return them for a full refund within the first 30 days. You can send us a message at anytime, and you will always receive a quick, friendly response from one of our amazing team members, ready to resolve any issue.

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