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Spiral Hair Ties (10 Pieces), Coil Hair Ties for Thick Hair, Ponytail Holder Hair Ties for Women (Assorted Colors), No Crease Hair Ties, Phone Cord Hair Ties for all Hair Types with Plastic Spiral

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So, you're looking for a hair tie that works. You've tried traditional ponytail holders, elastic hair bands, silk scrunchies, snap-off hair ties, ponytail hook holders, and even rubber bands. These cheap hair ties only disappoint you. They leave you feeling upset and make a mess out of everything! Hmm... sounds a lot like boys. 🤔 Here's the thing. You deserve a hair tie that doesn't ruin your day. You need a hair tie that supports you, that gives you confidence, that stays loyal to you and your hair. Hair ties should keep your hair up without damaging it. Duh! We want girls everywhere to put their happy, healthy hair up whenever and wherever without stressing about damaging it. That's why we studied the market to find the most stylish and most effective hair tie around. Say hello to your new best friend — spiral hair ties. A spiral hair tie, also known as a phone cord hair tie or hair coil, is the perfect easy-to-use sidekick you've always needed. That's because coil hair ties are stylish, waterproof, hygienic, and... the first no crease hair ties ever created!
  • ❌NON-CREASING: These coil hair ties for women hair spirals maintain your hair's free-flowing beauty. Spiral hair ties for thick hair won't crease or damage hair. These hair coils prevent breakage!
  • 💪STRONG GRIP: These spiral hair ties for women are the perfect telephone cord hair ties for holding back volume. The large size of the hair coils for women's hair give lift & support for thick hair.
  • 🙅‍♀️NO HEADACHES: This plastic spiral hair tie won't cause a headache! Even in the tightest ponytail, the pro hair ties for women markless hair ties give you all of the support, without the headache!
  • 💧WATERPROOF: The clear spiral hair ties smooth surface won't absorb water! The cord hair tie/ curly hair ties easily pull out of wet hair without damage. No more soggy wrists with this coil hair tie!
  • 💎STYLISH: Clear cord hair ties are small spiral hair ties that feel & look good. The hair ties spiral hair coil makes a stylish bracelet! These hair ties for thick hair look great in or out of hair!