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Door Draft Stopper (4 Pack), Weather Stripping Door Seal Strip, Easy-Install Under Door Draft Stopper, Door Sweep Strong Adhesive, Door Draft Blocker, Draft Guard for Door Soundproofing (39" x 2")…

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You want to prevent air, sound, or light leakage from under your door. You need a door sweep. The gap under your door has been allowing hot/cold air to escape from your rooms, and it's driving the energy bill to exorbitant amounts. Or maybe you're a musician, and the door gap is letting musical notes reverberate into other rooms of the house. It's also possible that you need to sleep during the day or want to watch a movie. That pesky door gap is letting way too much light in to find peace. You're frustrated. And that's just wrong. We understand your frustration. That's why we created a door draft stopper to fill your needs. We made a door draft blocker that is heavy duty and useful because draft stoppers for bottom of doors need to be good enough to withstand daily interaction. Your under door draft blocker will hold up to interior and exterior door conditions. Installing your draft stopper is easy. Measure the bottom of your door. Cut the excess draft guard length to match the width of your door. Clean and dry the door surface and apply the strip to the door. Your door draft guard will fully adhere in 48 hours or less. Plus, unlike competitors, our door noise blocker utilizes 3M adhesive that sticks to all door types. That means whether your door is wood, glass, metal, plastic, vinyl, or anything else, this under door seal will stick to it. We promise you'll love your under the door draft guard — whether you get is as an under door noise stopper, door gap blocker for light, or a bottom door seal to keep in heating/cooling. Buy your under door draft stopper today and experience the benefits of it in as little as two days. Try one of these door sweeps for exterior doors or try one of these door sweeps for interior doors. If you have any questions or concerns, reach out to us! We're happy to answer any questions you have about your door sealers for bottom of door gaps. Stop sound, light, and air door leaks today
  • 💡 Save Money and Energy - Our priority is offering a door draft stopper that challenges the status quo of mediocre draft stoppers for bottom of doors. We design each under door draft stopper to be versatile, durable, and useful. Through attention to detail and dedication to functionality, each door sweep we make is one of pure satisfaction. Whether your intention is keeping creepers out, soundproofing, or temperature control, this door bottom seal will save you money and energy.
  • 🏡 Protect Your Home - Your door threshold may be the most vulnerable entry into your home. Any gap at all invites insects, outside noise, and outside weather to invade your otherwise peaceful space. Our customizable door draft blocker is perfect for blocking creeping creatures out, door soundproofing, and temperature regulation. You'll be relieved to install yours.
  • 🚪 Stick and Stay Stuck - A door gap blocker needs to be tough. That's why our door stoppers utilize 3M adhesive for door adhesion. Once you install your bottom door seal and allow it time to adhere (we recommend 48 hours), it won't come off until you want it to. To install, measure the bottom of your door, cut off the excess rubber door stopper, clean and dry your door, and apply the door air draft stopper to your door.
  • 📏 39 Inches by 2 Inches - Each draft guard measures in at 39" x 2" and is made of durable silicone. The 3M adhesive will adhere to all materials, including wood, glass, metal, plastic, vinyl, and more. And, if you ever want to remove your door sealer, simply blast it with a hairdryer or heat gun to loosen up the adhesive before peeling it off. This will ensure a gentle removal that won't damage your door's finish.
  • 🌎 United States Company - We're located right here in sunny Jacksonville, FL, USA. If you ever have any issues with your underdoor draft blocker, we're here to help. We want your door threshold seal to meet all of your expectations. And, if for some reason it doesn't, we'll make it right.