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BASIC CONCEPTS Acne Patches (120 Pack), Salicylic Acid, Tea Tree Oil and Hydrocolloid Pimple Patches for Face, Zit Patch (3 Sizes), Blemish Patches, Acne Spot Dots, Pimple Stickers, Acne Patches

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You want an acne patch more than anything. You know the joy of getting a pimple patch the night before the big day. Perhaps you have a child or sibling that suffers from severe acne patches. Whatever the case, blemish patches help your life, and you don't want zit patches determining you or your loved one's happiness any longer. A hydrocolloid acne patch is like the villain in a movie: it only comes around to torment you — always so mean and angry. There you are, minding your own business, looking fabulous, and all of a sudden, a zit patch pops up, ruining your perfectly glowing and acne patch. Naturally, it makes you sad, aggravated, and then, insecure. It's plain wrong to be burdened by pesky acne spot, especially when you've been eating healthier and maintains a good cleaning routine. We've been there. We know how it feels to wake up on a Friday (of all days!) with a puss mountain blemishing your nose. It's the absolute worst. Almost everyone we know struggled with acne dots at some point in their life. That's precisely why we set out to study the acne stickers available on the market. We tried every acne ointment, pimple patch, acne patch, zit patch, hydrocolloid acne patch, zit lotion, pimple sticker & acne patch on the market and studied them. Then, we combine the best advantages into one easy-to-use product so that you could enjoy blemish-free skin. Once you buy your blemish patches from us, you'll want to clean and dry your face, apply the hydrocolloid bandages before you go to sleep, and be amazed in the morning when you wake up and see your skin! When you check out other acne patches and zit stickers, you'll find that we take the most time and care, not only in our product but in educating you. Transcend your insecurities associated with acne and transform into the confident, clear-faced person you were born to be with fast-acting hydrocolloid blemish patches that are cruelty-free.
  • Vegan-friendly, Not Tested on Animals - Use hydrocolloid pimple patches any skin type. These acne spot stickers are for face zit patches and body acne. Our acne pimple patch is easy to use.
  • Tea Tree Oil and Salicylic Acid Infusion - Tea tree oil helps your pimple patch disappear faster. Each hydrocolloid acne patch helps reduce redness and swelling. Acne patches for face salicylic acid are easy to wear and blend in with your skin
  • 120 Pack, 3 Different Sizes - Our acne patches contain 120 pimple patches. Zit patches for face help absorb gunk. The acne patches for face cover the pimple. These hydrocolloid acne patches helps flatten the pimple. When finished, our pimple stickers peel off easily.
  • Handle Pimples in 6-8 Hours - Pimple patches for face and body acne stickers can be worn during the day or night. To use acne patches - clean and dry the area, apply pimple patches, wait 6-8 hours, remove acne stickers.
  • 24/7 USA Customer Support, Lifetime Replacement or Refund on our Zit Patches- Finding the right pimple patches for face from a reliable, trustworthy company is challenging. We offer a lifetime replacement or refund should anything happen to your new zit patches for face. Just send us a message, and one of our friendly, US-based customer support members will send you a replacement pimple stickers or refund at no cost, no questions asked!