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Airplane Foot Hammock

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  • ✈️ FLY COMFORTABLY - Long flights can be uncomfortable for many reasons. We're here to solve at least one of them. With our travel-sized Airplane Foot Hammock, you can give your feet and lower-back the vacation they deserve. Who needs 1st Class anyways? With our Memory Foam-padded Airplane Foot Hammock, you can kick your feet up and relax wherever you go.
  • 🏆 FOOT HAMMOCK DETAILS - Each airplane foot rest is evenly-padded with premium, soft Memory Foam for ultimate comfort. An extra long adjustable strap allows for 34" of leg room at maximum extension with 9" of depth and 18" width - giving plenty of space for all-sized feet. Use your new foot hammock on any flight without disturbing the people in front of you, or next to you.

Your airplane foot rest is easy to use and has ultra-soft, memory foam padding to cradle your feet. The reinforced stitching and maximum strength clips allow you to create the perfect foot rest for airplane travel. Clip the buckle and hang the airplane footrest on the seat tray in front of you. The result will be a comfy travel foot rest where you can relax and elevate your feet. The travel foot rest won't both the person in front of you, and is 100% airline approved. Having an airplane footrest is very common, and crucial to enjoying a comfortable flight while you travel.

An airplane footrest is amazing for so many reasons! Ultimate comfort is the primary reason you need a travel footrest for airplane. Do your back, legs or feet every bother you on a plane? An airplane foot hammock gets your feet off the ground, takes pressure off of your back and allows you to relax and swing your legs. Having an airplane leg rest will help keep your blood circulating and make you feel like you're reclining back at home.